The Sounds of the Hawaii 70s and 80s

Underground Scenes (And Related)

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CDs (Post 80s)

1978-81 Punk and New Wave Recordings

Cringer: First Demo

Cringer: The Vinegar Tasters

Devil Dog: Bad Trippin'

Devil Dog: Robutussin Wine

The Exactones: Swing the Cat

Fester: To The Dogs

FUCKHER: One Hot Night

Hypo-Depression: Spirit of the Dead

Just In Fun (JIF): JIF or Be Sqare

Mystery Crash: Self Titled

No Place To Play: Compilation



Pink Plastic Mu'u Mu'u: New Wave Will Never Die!

Saud: Saud Is Dead

Scarred For Life: Wasted Talent

Something Really Offensive (SRO): Tape 1

Something Really Offensive (SRO): Tape 2

The Sharx: Bad Day

The Sharx: Thriller

The Squids: Comp

The Vacuum: Idyl Forest

The Vacuum: The Curse

The Whirling Dervishes: Here We Come

The Wrong: First Demo






Yahweh's Mistake: Mother Nigbt (1996)

Yahweh's Mistake Morgan's Corner 7" +2 (1992)

Creation Science: S/T (2006)(Choose "Downloads" Rob's site click back button if you want to come back here)

Comrade Motopu When Harry Came Back (2007)

Loose 70s 80s Tracks

Battery Club

Dana Lynn

The Efekt


Free Will

The New Dreamers