Meteor Shower
Stephie's Dream
Don't Believe Me
Set In Motion
Slow Glass
Fading Thing
Mother Night
Yahweh's Mistake existed in San Francisco from 1991-1998. All of the members on "Mother Night" are from the Hawaii music scene. After Dave Carr left the Wrong he recruited Rob Cribley to play drums in Yahweh's Mistake, named after a storefront sign in a panel in an Eightball comic. Bassist Dave Flamia came first, followed by Dana Schecter, then Alex Duboce. The Carr,Cribley, Duboce trio recorded the "Morgan's Corner" 7".Alex quit and was replaced by Dave's ex-Cringer band mate Ed on bass. Louis Dribin was recrutied on the newly added second guitar slot. This line up recorded a few demos. Rob was called away indefinitely and was replaced by Ross, who had played in some Hawaii bands. Ross didn't last too long before becoming bored with the group. Luckily, Ex-Pagan Babies and once and future Poi Dog Pondering Drummer and percussionist John Nelson had moved to town and Llord Veerman hooked him up with Yahweh. After Louis split, the Dave, Ed, and John power trio carried on. Rudy Trubitt (ex-Squids) was brought in to produce a CD with his friend Devon Rietveld engineering and giving us fantastic low rates for her studio time and expertise. Rudy came on board on guitar at Dave's request (please note especially his tasteful twang on "Meteor shower"). This line up released the "Mother Night" Cd. The band gigged for over a year and had some great shows, including a New Years eve gig with the Mermen, and what was becoming an almost "regular" gig at Tom Guido's Purple Onion in North Beach. Yahweh broke up for many reasons, not enough money to sustain people, differences over musical tastes, and Dave becoming too busy with college.They also recorded one more four song demo and many less formal demos. Thankfully, Rob and Ed, and ex-wrong member Jim Cribley were into forming a new band with Dave called "Creation Science." This was a studio band that lasted from 2003-2006 before Dave moved back to Hawaii.