Outside the Matrix


The Fog

Circle of the Earth


Warm Fingers

The Happy Song

Recorded 1986 by Derek Imose and Dave Carr on a Fostex X-15 cassete four track at the Carr house.

Barry Freeze: Vocals

Kevin Carr: Bass and backing vocals

Rob Cribley: Drums

Lance Hahn: Guitar




by Dave, Gardner, Lance

You rip and tear at the dirty seams

We've endured so many dreams

If I could plug you into my head

you'd understand everything I said

We've lived so many lies

brought by the pressure from the watching eyes

Hold tight and count to ten

So we can start it all over again

They'll convince ya that it's de javu

They'll convince ya that there's nothing to do

They'll tell ya everything you know

Turn it round and round away you go

Take apart everything you see

Things aren't what they seem to be

People's values they affect your brain

Hang around and you'll go insane

They'll tell you to look for the light

I seek my answers in the darkest night

If you're ready for a power play

Tear it up and throw it away

They'll pay you to join in

Without them you're just a sin

I'll take my own rewards

I never needed them before

They'll make you wear a uniform

They always ask us to conform

Give to them what you need to give

Maintain the pride you need to live


Outside the Matrix

by Kev and Lance

They say prisoners we say free

Up in zone number three

Eternal lords of all we survey

Down the highway, zone five way

We had City but we left her flat

'cause that's not where the zones are at

Got our memories of smoke tim

Corben, Vega, and napalm prime

follow the sun fat and old

trying to shine through a walled rainbow

Circle back another way

You've seen it all on a greyer day

People die, very few come back

In the zone we say "that's that"

We've a Code the Matrix found

to be a threat so it's underground

We all wait and try to thrive

the years go by but few survive

We all wait and try to live

the years go by

but no one will forgive

They say prisoners we say free


by Kev and Lance

Cruel tests that I put you through

walls to climb between our two

souls gasping for living air

all my scars show how much you cared

Aim low, at the heart

to know someone got to take them apart

To break you is to build you too

To decide I've got to dream it through

New mission same as the old

burning life to forge minds of gold

I'll lift you from decay

but my path is not the only way

When you've seen the distant hands

that reach around to strangle plans

when you feel the icey undertow

you've got to struggle or let it go

After victory slips away

victims can haunt you even by day

Too much love for pride and pain

when it's too late you'll know the drain

Assassin...you can't give life back

Know my fear and know my sorrow

Your ecstacy scars me tomorrow

Romanticize the beaten track

when love is killed you can't bring it back

Assassin...you can't give life back

The Fog

by Kev and Lance

The fog ran a chill through my head through my body through my mind and spirit and soul

No one walked the streets at night

because we were no longer in control

Blue men on the line corrupt and out of time

taking what they can get

Killers under sheets

drinking blood to feel complete

crash down in their regret

In this bleak house

in the center of the city

I can feel you eyes stare at me

In this bleak house

in the center of the city

Did you think that I would set you free

A new and desperate breed

spreading thoughts like disease

destroying all they find

They will search you down

if your different in their town

and show you the chains that bind

So many who are trapped, feeling walls at their backs

the fog has hid the Son

If you think there's time and everything is fine

then in you, the fog has won

Circle of the Earth

by Kev and Lance

Now that you're on your own

look deep inside

Let out all those things

you tried so hard to hide

A desperate reaction to a sad,

and troubled world

I look through your window

and cry tears like a small, small girl

I reached out to ask

But you turned away

To busy dying

to hear what I had to say

You gave what you could

and then had to go

You gave me enough

I want you to know

She gave you this mirror

so you could see my blood red eyes

Circles of the Earth

What a bitter surprise

Water that wraps this globe

in shining and luminous clouds

Take my love down in your deadly

sky black shroud

All of the yes, and all of the no

Shaping dark hallways through my mind

All the regrets, and all the no shows

shaping dark hallways through my mind

I'm sorry I gave you

my selfish heart

It was all I had to give

It was a bad start

The fire of your anger

drove me so far away

You believed there was no room

for me to stay


by Dave, Gardner, and Lance

A piece of coal and a lock of hair

They're all lumped together

The old man laughs and the people stare

but he controls the weather

The days are green where nothing's seen

underneath the river

Circle of light is burning bright

Skin begins to shiver

A sign will come

when times undone

and doors begin to open

The crow will call

and big men fall

all in backwards motion

A thousand years of emerald tears

soon will wash the Earth

The sun will cry and the river dry

just before the birth

And all the creatures

will know true light

and they will be set free

And all the questions

will soon be answered

The sick will be made whole

Warm Fingers

by Lance and Kev

Her warm fingers reached into my brain

Her warm fingers brought me down again

Paths apart

separate hearts

narrow street and incomplete

Now together

talk forever

talk of nothing but it's something

Fingers locking

do the walking

tongues entwined never mind

Have it all

and it's nothing

It's not love it's only fucking

And you used me

Yeah you used me

Her warm fingers reached for me again

Her warm fingers knew exactly when

Dirty sheets in this hotel

and you feel you live in hell

Cigarettes and rum are near

Give my all it costs me dear

Reach around and start again

Sun is shining but you're crying

Try to know the fear she knows

It's so plain she feeds on me again

And I used you

Yeah I used you

My warm fingers reached for her again

Her warm fingers brought me down again


The Happy Song

by Dave, Gardner, and Lance

I am all dead inside

I want to run and hide

Why don't you kill yourself

Go talk to someone else

You don't give me room to breathe

When I'm with you everything becomes a lie

When I'm with you I feel I want to die

You tell me I don't care

You say that I'm unfair

You have a Midas touch

Touch gold and make it rust

You don't give me room to breathe

Why don't you let me be myself

You turned my life into a hell

Can't you see you're choking me

Why don't you set me free

Can't you see you're killing me

Why don't you set me free