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University Of Hawaii Lab School Punks: Class of 1978

Photos From Karen Waygood's Collection 

I don't know everyone's names here but I'll provide some info. UH Lab School is a "laboratory school" meaning it's tied to the college and teacher education program and they engage in cutting edge type curriculum. Many of the early Hawaii punks from the Lab School were in the band program. Rudy went on to the New Dreamers and Squids. He played trombone in the band. Kevin played trumpet in the band and went on to Hypo-Depression and the Wrong. Sheldon played bass in the band and played with various musicians and bands in the 70s and 80s. Richard was a percussionist in band and played drums with some of the rock and punk musicians early on in the scene. Matt went on to Hat Makes the Man and several other bands mostly with Peter from Hat.

     Top Row Rudy  (far left) and Kevin (center) 

Middle row: Maggie (far left) , Matt (second from left) , Andy (far right    behind rock)

Top Row: Twain (far left)

Middle: Richard (circled)

Bottom Row: Kevin (far left), Rudy (with Telecaster) Sheldon  (with Bass)