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Raoul Vehill

Film Maker Biography written by Raoul:

Raoul raoul made a film in the early 70s with a friend in the guy’s parent’s basement.

After decades of school, punk rock singing, door to door sales and pizza delivery raoul raoul has made more than a couple dozen movies and won 3 big awards in film festivals that you never heard of. --Raoul

2022-2023: He's currently working on "The Bunny Vacuum" and fundraising for it here:

Watch some of Raoul's films here:


Photos 1-3 Raoul wrote: "From A Girl Called Horse, Colfax 3AM and Ruffy Under the Shopping Plaza of the Dead which won 1st Place in Detroit in 2018 at Planet 9 Film Fest because these people that made some zombie movie from Ohio, and was most likely to get on Tubi, didn't show."

Photo 4 Raoul wrote: From The Bunny Vacuum, the latest. I'm editing, we're still shooting and it'll be done within 6 months.

From an email dated 07-22-2022

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