Barry Freeze


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Barry Oshiro was a Kalani punk who fronted some of Hawaii's coolest bands. After assembling an unparalleled record collection of rare punk and hardcore vinyl through the mail, Barry opened Action Sundries, on Kapahulu avenue, a unique mix of shave ice, candy, punk and death rock records that attracted Hawaii's alienated youth. Barry gained a reputation as a connoisseur of cutting edge music and introduced many bands to the scene. In 1983 Barry sang for the Sharx, a punk band that was ahead of its time even by "mainland" standards, thanks to guitarist Brian Walls whose love of heavy metal wanking gave the Sharx their unique sound. In 1985, Barry was recruited to sing for the newly formed Hypo-Deppression, perhaps Hawaii's first death rock band. Barry is a good example of how "DIY" punks had to be at this time. There was no Hot Topic, so Barry and others screened their own shirts of favorite bands. Records often had to be ordered direct through the mail from distributors like Rough Trade and Dischord, or from zines like Maximum Rock & Roll or Flipside, since it was rare to find punk albums at Hawaii record stores. It was a logical step to open Action Sundries, which became Freeze Records. Scouts from Jellies and Tower would come into to peruse Freeze Records selection to see what they should be ordering. This extensive knowledge of underground music also led to DJing positions at Subclub and one off parties. Barry has continued to do art, and seek out hard to find music. He is also a cook at a top restaurant in Hawaii that will remain unnamed. So don't piss him off or he might just spit in your food.