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The Shit Workers of AOK


Lance Hahn was the brutal overseer of an endless stream of naive young punks,  paid only in “prestige” and “backstage passes,” anxious for a chance to work for the great troubadour's flagship publication which was dedicated to self-promotion.

I’m kidding. AOK zine was a shared project of volunteers from the scene. It covered Hawaii and the global underground punk scene. These photos are from 1985-1986. Others volunteered but I just threw together these photos to represent the time.

AOK was a zine and a tape label and so most of the tapes came with booklets put together by the bands and AOK shit workers.


Lance oversees production on the zine. Shitworkers knew never to question his demands lest they have their "AOK Bucks" reduced. These Bucks could be redeemed for stickers, candy, or soda, or the workers could spend them for "rap time" meaning conversations with Lance. [None of this is true] Jon, Lance, Francis. Derek, Jon, Francis, Kev
Francis, Jackie, Lance, Dave pretending to be Lou Reed, Jon


Gardner and Francis glueing up master sheets at Kinkos

Jackie and Francis at Raymond's graduation

Jon and Lance share a Birthday cake, 1986

Heather with Hypo