Mission Statement

 I started this website in August of 2003 to create a space where these miscellaneous relics of the Hawaii Punk and New Wave scenes of the 1970s and 80s could be enjoyed by anyone with access to a computer. As I write this, most of the content has come from my own personal collection, with added material from the hawaiipunks group. I hope that the site continues to grow and that people who participated in the scene will contact me with more stuff to get on the site. In addition to photos, flyers, and mp3s, I can use information. If anyone is interested in writing short essays on an aspect of the 70s 80s Hawaii scene, contact me and let me know what you have in mind.

Also I hope to add mp3s of all the bands as I get the ok. That may take some time.While I have begun the site with a heavy emphasis on music, I plan to expand it to include more of the scenesters and personalities of the time.

There is a yahoo group set up where anyone can post comments on the museum. Just click on "Express Your Thoughts" on the museum top page. You don't have to join anything as it is an open posting group. [This yahoogroup is long gone-2022] Or you can contact me directly at motopu@hawaii.rr.com

In addition to chronicling the old scene, I will provide links to the current projects of people from that scene. You will see that these are not limited to music. By including newer projects, I hope the site will escape the realm of pure nostalgia. But I did want to put up as many images of the time as possible, for us, and for posterity.

Comrade Motopu