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The guy who made it happen, Frank. When we all went for noms-de-theatre, Frank first decided on Trench, and later, Porky. We still can‘t figure out where trench came from, but we know the why of Porky.
As the song goes, he was "working as a waitress in a cocktail bar" -- well, actually, a busboy in a Hawaii Kai restaurant -- when he asked to sit in on drums for a song. At the time I was playing, along with Mr Sarcasm on bass, back of a singer so typically lounge it‘s hard to make jokes of him. Mr S had just "warmed up" our set with Talking Head‘s "Take Me To The River" which emboldened Frank to request the sit-in. I came home that night & told Gerry we have a band.
Frank went on up in the biz with his own project band Poi Dog Pondering. His first two Poi Dog albums were so dang creatively fresh and musical my mind was blown: I actually know this guy! Personally!
Poi Dog lives and maintains its worthiness and freshness admirably. I want him back here, immediately. But then, Gerry always has tried to correct my selfishness

I hadn‘t settled on a moniker. Later I tried Criswell Predicts in honor (?) of Las Vegas‘s Predominant Astrologer, but then Jack Law of the Wave made a dirty joke of the name which made me uncomfortable. That cad. Later I made it Ebi, Japanese for Shrimp (or as I preferred to translate it, Prawn). See, the idea was to make it easy for our hopefully-soon-to-be-realized Japan Invasion. Musical of course.
On this pic the discerning keyboardist will identify two of my fun axes -- the Oberheim OB-1 (pre Star Wars), famous as the first Programmable Synth (8-count ‘em-8 spots for personal sound storage), and my second and last well-loved cheesy combo-organ, a Farfisa whose knobs had the colors of a bowl of assorted LifeSavers.

David "Rudy" Trubitt, son of UH Manoa music professor Alan, who delighted in the punk explorations of songs written by his witty boy. Last encountered on a phone line to Oakland, where Rudy (he still call himself this) is now the go-to guy for train sfx. I mean, Real Locomotives, Etc., Recorded In The Field. He also reviews various pieces of professional audio-recording gear for serious, well-thumbed trade magazines found in lounges of every legit studio in the Free World.

She named herself Rubella Shotz, with the "z" to distinguish her from Beano, familiarly Ruby. In my fortunate real life, she‘s my honey Gerry the classical pianist, who, in a weak moment of pity for her forlorn hub, volunteered to take up the electric bass and play in a theoretical "New Wave" band that hub wanted to form. With Frank, she created as solid a rhythmic foundation as any band I‘ve ever known. An astounding talent, done with an aloof presence that she claimed was actually concentration on playing the correct notes at each precise musical moment. Plus she was gorgeous. I‘m truly a lucky guy.

The uniquely gifted guitarist, songwriter, sculptor and watercress-farmer Beano Shots. Globally celebrated chefs rate watercress gleaned from the Sumida (Beano‘s actual surname) family farm the best in the universe.