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The Useful Wig reappeareth.

For awhile I collected the most obnoxiously clashing, cartoony color combinations of aloha shirts I could find at the thrifts.

Same shoot, a few centimeters above the Liliha sidewalk fronting Kenneth‘s Motor Rewinding Shop -- as enigmatic a business name I‘ve ever encountered, but there must be a good reason that any electrical engineer worth his resistance could explain to me in simple, everyday language.
Rudy had an ingrained proclivity for random and frequent jumping during performances. Somewhere in Honolulu there is a videotape of an Easter Seal Telethon featuring the Squids doing their civic duty and playing the 3 AM slot. The first shot framed Rudy in front of a potted palm. Dedicated Squidfans tell us that immediately upon the first guitar hit of the first song, Rudy jumped completely out of frame, leaving the potted palm as mute, unmoving witness to our frantic music for circa 10 seconds, before the befuddled cameraman woke up.


Collage from snapshots taken by Mr Sarcasm, aka Dave Rorick, during our "concert" at the UH Manoa Campus Center Ballroom. My Vox Jaguar Portable Cheesy Organ would soon expire shortly afterward.

The Squids did surf-rock to a tee, and this pic is homage to the cover of The Ventures‘ breakout album.