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Around 1979 or 1980. The Squids, the first Hawaii band doing punk rock & new wave & getting paid for it. Half of our repertoire was original. Our first "steady" gig was at #D on Kuhio Ave, later we played at the Wave 6 nights a week for about a year. Frank Orrall who was 18 years old at the time was on drums. I was on keys, off this pic to the left [typical]. My lifetime honey and patient wife Gerry is playing bass. Beano Shots aka David Sumida, whose family farm in Pearl City grows the best watercress in the galaxy, on guitar. David "Rudy" Trubitt is [also typically] in mid-air.

Might be in the gloomy recesses of 3-D, the third-floor nightclub with the open lanais and the BYOB drunks. We expected someone, sometime, to misstep from a lanai and plunge thither onto Kuhio Ave, bringing the manic festivities above to a sudden, burned-rubber halt. But again uncannily, it never happened.

Squeezed in urban types


"Formal" photos taken by the Unerring Eye of Shuzo Uemoto. the Squids were unlike any band I‘d ever been in. One of the most astounding ways was in the area of publicity photos. I was used to getting session contact sheets, where the band members would scrunch up eyeballs and most seriously discuss which pic actually looked decent enough to use in public. With the Squids, every, and I mean every, pic was lively and useable.