Kevin Carr

Kevin Carr took over the bass playing and song writing duties for Hypodepression when two

members left for L.A. With his background in writing, the quality of the lyrics jumped to a whole

new plain and the Stranglers/Joy Division tinged Hypo truly took off. Kevin's approach to music

reflected the fact that he had been a member of the first wave of Hawaii Punks, discovering the

newly arriving 70s new wave/punk scene as it first reached the island. Kevin had shared the stage

with the pre-Squids band the New Dreamers, and also co-wrote the Squids "Head In the Sand"

with Guitarist Rudy Tremelo. His next major project after Hypo was to form the 77 style punk

band The Wrong, who went on to enjoy a place in the late 80s San Francisco scene. He is now a

special education teacher in Hawaii.