Dave Carr

Seen here attempting to impersonate Lord Veerman. Dave started playing in bands in the eighth grade with a power trio called LSD.From there he played in Huck Melody and the Astro Chimps, who later became The Start, a mostly covers mod band. After that Dave started the Vacuum.

He also played drums for Cringer and Hypodepression,and occasionally for Devil Dog, including one gig with only a floor tom.

Later, Dave joined his brother's band the Wrong, who moved to San Francisco enjoying some success and compilation appearances on Very Small Records, as well as releasing a fine album on L.A.'s Flux Records.

After the Wrong Dave formed Yahwheh's Mistake, whose final line up included John Nelson from Poi and the Pagan Babies, Ed Tarantino from Scarred 4 Life and Cringer, and Rudy Trubitt of the Squids. This group released a cd "Mother Night".

Dave was then in a band called "Creation Science" with Ed Tarantino and Rob Cribley.They released a CD in2007.