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Official Website

Creation Science

(Later Band features the Cribleys, Ed Tarantino, and Dave Carr. Listen to their January 2006 release in its entirety at the band site)

Creation Science Website

Crib Death



Live at Gilman 1988 Photos



Wiki link

Devil Dog

Picture Page 1

Don Tiki


features ex-members of the Squids,

Whirling Dervishes, Schnazz, and more

The Efekt

Picture Page 1

Free Will

Picture Page 1

Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads

Interview From

Ugly Things Magazine

Hat Makes the Man

Picture Page 1

Picture Page 2


Honolulu Dogs

1977 Sunbums Article


Picture Page 1

Picture Page 2

Picture Page 3


J-church website

JIF (Just In Fun)

My JIF Army Card

Kit Ebersbach Other 80s Bands

Picture Page 1

Mumbo Jumbo

Picture Page 1

Picture page 2

The New Dreamers

/Diamond Heads

Band bio by Rudy

Pagan Babies

1995 article on their split

Pink Plastic Muu Muu

1986 New Wave House Party in L.A.

Poi Dog Pondering

Official Poi Dog Page

Picture Page 1

The Rattlers/Battery Club

Short history by Christopher Titus North

Sacred Rite

(Oahu metal band formed early 80's)

Facebook Page

Scarred 4 Life

Picture Page 1

Picture Page 2

The sharx

Picture Page 1

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Dying Tribe

Picture Page 1

The Squids

Squids article from 2001

Squids on Hawaiian Air Radio (clipping)

Picture Page 1

Kit Ebersbach Squids Photo Collection!!!

Something Really Offensive

Picture Page 1

Picture Page 2


Picture Page 1

Weird World


Whirling Dervishes

Picture Page 1

Dr. Hula page with mp3s

The Wrong


Last Days of Man on Earth Discovers the Wrong

CMJ picks the Wrong for their "Jackpot" slot