Comrade Motopu

Hawaii: class militancy or cultural patriotism?

Right and Left against the state: education without classes on the Global Center for Advanced Studies

Top 15 Messages in Clint Eastwood's Anti-war Masterpiece "American Sniper"

November, 2011 Flyer for Deoccupy Honolulu

ISOnuts: One Stop Activism And The Gentrification Of The Left.

Fare Strike! San Francisco 2005 First Hand Accounts (CM contributed to this effort)

Punishment Park (published in Anarchy AJODA #63)

Wobblies! and Strike! dual review

Ron Paul? No Thanks!

David Matthew Carr

Pierre Omidyar: Giving Until It Hurts

Review: Vivek Chibber's Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital

LaborFest Hawaii

Corporate school reformers on "ethics in education" at the University of Hawaii Michelle Rhee and Kevin Johnson put on a surreal show at the University of Hawaii

Samuel Merzbow

Military Recruitment in the High School: Adolescent Theory in the Service of the State

Angry Teacher

Dividing and Conquering the Working Class with Drug Testing:
Hawaii Teachers, Coercion, and a Failure of Working Class Solidarity


Detourned College Ad

Hawaii of Interest

LaborFest Hawaii An annual event celebrating class struggle in Hawaii and globally, and providing a forum for organizers and working class people.

Eating in Public Anarchist "Diggers" reclaiming the commons in Hawaii

Brothers Under the Skin (Rice and Roses Labor TV documentary on early union organizing in Hawaii.)

The Hilo Massacre: Hawaii's Bloody Monday: Read the entire book free online


Summer of Love by Diamond Dave Whitaker (spoken word performance)

Resonant City

"Our world is organized principally by capital, but capital is not what lives,

breathes and dies in the towers, streets, freeways, and homes-it is people."

Lefty Hooligan: Long time class struggle punk writer for MRR

Bay Area of Interest

Labor Fest

Shaping San Francisco

Mission District Changes  (Tom Wetzel on Gentrification in the Mission)

Situationist and Related

Bureau of Public Secrets

Situationist Library online

Anarchist Books and pamphlets

Anarchism by Daniel Guerrin (Now on libcom.)

Anarchosyndicalism by Rudolf Rocker

The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism by Freddy Perlman

The Reproduction of Daily Life by Freddy Perlman

Publishers and Distributors

Charles Kerr Publishing Radical, Surrealist, Situationist, Communist, Socialist, I.W.W. and more!

Black & Red Books Detroit independent publishing begun by Freddy and Loraine Perlman.

Critiques of Post-Modernism, Post-structuralism, etc.

Cultural Turn to the Right?

Timothy Brennan, author of Wars of Position: The Cultural Politics of Left and Right on Against the Grain KPFA radio show (includes news report first).

Foucault and the Iranian Revolution

Janet Afary and Kevin Anderson, authors of Foucault and the Iranian Revolution: Gender and the Seductions of Islamism on Against the Grain radio KPFA.

French Intellectuals and Maoism

Richard Wolin on the French intellectuals of the 1968 generation and their re-interpretation of Maoism as a liberatory force.

Critique of the Bolsheviks

Beyond Kronstadt (Concise overview of the problematic aspects of Bolshevik ideology and practice)

The Bolsheviks and Workers' Control by Maurice Brinton

The "Renegade" Kautsky and his Disciple Lenin by Jean Barrot

Open Letter to Comrade Lenin (with intro by Wildcat) by Herman Gorter

The Struggle Against Fascism Begins with the Struggle Against Bolshevism by Otto Rühle

Anti-Bolshevik Communism in Germany by Paul Mattick

Organizational Questions of the Russian Social Democracy [Leninism or Marxism?] by Rosa Luxemburg

Bolshevism and Stalinism by Paul Mattick

The Soviet Union Versus Socialism by Noam Chomsky

A Fresh Look at Lenin by Andy Brown

The Role of Bolshevik Ideology in the Birth of the Bureaucracy From Socialism or Barbarism

How the Revolution was Lost? (Critique Of Chris Harman's 1967 article defending the Bolsheviks)


The Kronstadt Uprising by Alexander Berkman

The Kronstadt Uprising 1921 by Ida Mett

Trotsky Protests Too Much by Emma Goldman

Critique of Authoritarian Groups


ISO Alienates SF State Activists Part I

ISO Alienates SF State Activists Part II

ISO the Joy of Sects by John Lacny

Which Side is the ISO on, Working Class Socialism or Nationalism and Islam? by Mahmood Ketabchi

“Why did ISO hijack Berkley CA Schools Conference?”

Why did ISO hijack Berkley CA Schools Conference? (2) (Same as above but with different commentary following it.)

Response to ISO ‘Democracy or consensus?’ article on anti-war conferences

Despite Schism, Brown antiwar groups make last-minute plans to express opposition

ISO Hijacks BOSTON and SAN FRANCISCO Campus Anti-War Conferences

The Anti-War Movement and Iraq: Stephen Shalom dismantles ISO "anti-Imperialism" at Zmag online