Comrade Motopu at the famous giant Karl Marx statue on Waikiki Beach

“Israelism” looks at the indoctrination of Jewish students in the US (01/02/2024)

Lady Ballers: The White Christian Nationalist comedy

about the transgender menace we’ve all been waiting for



Review of Dumb Money (11/15/2023) 

Are you my martyr? (05/20/2023)  

 Review of Health Communism (04/05/2023)

Riot-Reform-Reversal: Riotsville USA (12/31/2022)

Quick positive comments on Abolish the Family by Sophie Lewis (12/27/2022)

Review of G.A. Matiasz' Dusted By Stars (05/20/2022)

How Christian Parenti got class wrong,learned to talk like Trump and lost his mind: an autopsy  (04/29/2022)

Blurred immunity: how Elizabeth Bruenig undermines the fight against Covid-19 (11/01/2021)

The PMC meets the Tucker Carlson Left (02/21/2021)

New covid-denial single from Eric Clapton and Van Morrison (12/21/2020)

Review of Angela Mitropoulos' Pandemonium (9/14/2020)

Overview: Home Rule: National Sovereignty and the Separation of Natives and Migrants (07/23/2020)

Ethno-Nagleism is the Idpol of fools (07/15/2020)

Proud Boy Fascist Running for Hawaii State Legislature (06/05/2020)

Overview: The Explosion of Deferred Dreams (10/19/2019)

Robert Altman's "Nashville": From boom to gloom (06/30/2019)

The Dead Don't Die: who makes the zombies?  (06/17/2019)

"Textbooks are becoming obsolete" says Bill Gates (02/27/2019)

Class Struggle Frontiers in Hinterland (02/14/2019)


Review: Walkaway by Cory Doctorow (03/01/2018)



Dead Time with Bill Maher (2/18/2017)

Coopting the language of the left at the pro-life march on Washington (1/29/2017)

Review: 1% Free - MaximumRockNRoll political columnist's sci-fi novel (12/31/2016)

Hawaii: class militancy or cultural patriotism? (6/28/2015)

Right and Left against the state: education without classes (4/04/2015)

Top 15 Messages in Clint Eastwood's Anti-war Masterpiece "American Sniper" (2/01/2015)

November, 2011 Flyer for Deoccupy Honolulu

Ron Paul? No Thanks! (2008)

Wobblies! and Strike! dual review (2006)

ISOnuts: One Stop Activism And The Gentrification Of The Left. (2006)

Fare Strike! San Francisco 2005 First Hand Accounts (CM contributed to this effort)

Comrade Motopu at the famous giant Karl Marx statue on Waikiki Beach



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David Matthew Carr

Punishment Park (published in Anarchy AJODA #63) (2007)

Pierre Omidyar: Giving Until It Hurts (11/23/2013)

Review: Vivek Chibber's Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital (6/21/2014)

LaborFest Hawaii

Corporate school reformers on "ethics in education" at the University of Hawaii (8/09/2012)

Michelle Rhee and Kevin Johnson put on a surreal show at the University of Hawaii

Samuel Merzbow

Military Recruitment in the High School: Adolescent Theory in the Service of the State (2008)

Angry Teacher

Dividing and Conquering the Working Class with Drug Testing:
Hawaii Teachers, Coercion, and a Failure of Working Class Solidarity (May 2006)


Detourned College Ad (Found 2008)