The Vacuum

The Curse

I Need To
Day With Joey
Never Hold Me Down
Drunk With You
Nazi Girl
11th Grade Bus Ride


     The Curse was the second Vacuum tape and was done as a home studio project follow up to 1985's Idyl Forest While it can't compete directly with the real band incarnation of the first tape it has a certain "lo-fi" charm to it! It was a much more pop oriented effort. I left off four songs (they had potential but we did not have the time to whip them into shape) and reordered the remaining eight cuts for what I think is a better listening experience.

     The Curse was recorded and engineered by Rudy Trubitt in July of 1987 at his home studio in Palo Alto CA. Rudy Does back up vox on "Day With Joey" and "Nazi Girl." Cover art by Jon Lange